From Us To You With Love

Hello and welcome to my shop!
 My name is Chantal and I am the owner of Flower Child Natural Healing Products along with my love Nicholas. We have 4 lovely boys and live in wonderful sunny California. Beside the fact that I love to help people my main inspiration was my children that really got me started on this wonderful journey and I haven't looked back since. 

My oldest grew up with Eczema and nothing worked for my son’s skin and alot of damage was done from years of irritation and steroid prescribed creams. My two middle children were medically diagnosed with ADHD. We decided we did not want to medicate them with any prescribed medication and though I’m not opposed to prescription medication we wanted to try more of a holistic approach for our family first. We wanted to be able to pronounce the ingredients that we will be administering to our children as well as teach them how to prevent and to be in control of any issues they come across. 

 We started with creating a skin healing salve for my sons skin and then a focus oil blend for my kids to use at school and at home when needed an they both worked great! I realized I loved the process of researching, innovating and producing natural healing products. The knowledge was endless and the ideas just starting pouring in and know I'm creating for you with love! 

Our main focus at Flower Child Natural Healing Products is to provide you with safest most natural sourced plant- based products. Every product is pesticide free and 100% organic or wildly crafted. Our goal is to provide you with a safer alternative using the healing power of mother nature. What separates us is our passion and commitment to bring you the best healing ingredients from plants around the world. Our products contain plant based butters and oil extracts with amazing healing properties that people have used for centuries. 

 We believe many of us forget how deeply rooted our connection is to this beautiful earth. She offers us natural medicine to prevent, heal and nurture our body and mind from a variety of health issues that many people face today.

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